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Blog Post 1

Those are actual real training photos of me when I was training for Ironman Arizona last Summer. That particular Thursday, I rode Beeline Highway from about 8:00 to 11:00 am, then ran a 10k at noon. My wife took the photos of me, and that is a true screenshot of her Google weather at that exact time I was running. Yes, I ran 6.2 miles, at noon, in 110 degrees, at 7:45 pace. I used 6 ice cubes in each shirt pocket, and 4 in the top hat pocket, and 2 in the hat side pockets. They all melted and my shirt was still cold and wet with “ice water” when I was done running. Amazing how simple, yet effective. It flat out kept me cool and allowed me to train when I otherwise couldn’t. Also, I think it helped me to run faster because I was cooler, and not sweating as much…not loosing hydration.