My journey to Ironman Arizona in November 2018

With Ironman Arizona this November 18th, this means long rides and runs (and swims) in June, July, August, September and Phoenix...where the “low temperature at night” is 90 degrees, and high reaches...well, last year it was 119 degrees. You see the problem.

Athlete's Quote: “It seems silly, really. Putting ice cubes in little pockets in spots on your shirt. You would think it would be lumpy, cold, bouncy, bulky...well, until you try it. Then, you think it's brilliant. Why? Because it flat out works. It's neither lumpy, uncomfortable or any of those things. In fact, I didn't even feel “cold"...just, I didn't feel “hot.” But, I think that's the point?”

IMAZ journey entry 3

30mile ride/1 mile run
Phoenix, AZ 101 degrees
4 ice cubes in each pocket for ride, put 1 in each for the run

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IMAZ journey entry 2

3mile/1mile brick
108 degrees. 4:05 pm
4 ice cubes in each pocket, shirt was cool and wet at the end of the 1-mile run, forearms were sweaty and

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