Yes! I will NOT wear anything that is uncomfortable when I'm running. In fact, I almost alway ran "shirtless" because shirts aren't even comfortable to me sometimes. We designed and engineered these shirts to actually be "better than not wearing a shirt at all!" They are so soft, stretchy, airy, flexible, yet firm that I honestly don't even feel it when I'm wearing it. Even with ice cubes packed into every pocket, I don't feel the weight or objects due to the way it's engineered. For my wife, who almost always runs in a sports bra ONLY, we had to create something "better than just that" for the women. Viola! SnowFlake, SnowBunny and SnowDrift to the rescue!
Yes. Design patent applications have been filed with the USPTO, giving IceRunning shirts and hats patent pending protection. Additionally, two serial numbers for trademarks have been issued to IceRunning as well, to protect our text and logo.
Well, they flat-out work. In a nutshell, they provide “32-degree, time-released sweat.” They keep you cool, which allows you to train in hotter temperatures that might normally deter you from training. They allow you to keep more hydrated since you will sweat less, which means you will go faster and longer than you would without it. They are extremely comfortable to run in...ice or not!
Yes, just like how people often swim and ride in all kinds of shirts, all these shirts can be worn when riding and swimming. However, we have some shirts that are specifically designed and engineered to perform better than others when on a bike or in water. Women: SnowFlurry is best to swim in; SnowBunny is best to bike in. Men: Avalanche is best to swim in; Blizzard is best to bike in.
That is up to you! The pockets under the arm sleeves for the brachial artery hold 1 standard ice cube each, but the other 7 pockets hold 4 or more. You could stuff 30+ ice cubes in your shirt, utilizing all pockets for a run, or simply run without any ice at all, still taking advantage of the moisture-wicking properties, the breathability, heat deflection, and sun cover. Our hats can have 10+ ice cubes, or none, as well. The activity you will be doing, and the temperature you will be doing it in, will help determine how many ice cubes you might choose to use.
It is variable, depending on the person's body heat, the temperature, and the activity. While running in 113 degree heat, the pockets holding 4 ice cubes lasted approximately 20-30 minutes, and the drip zones underneath those pockets remained cold, cool and wet for another 20 minutes. When I finished the 6.2 mile run in 113 degree temperature, my whole shirt, front zones, back zones, and sides were completely soaked with cool water. The cool water then evaporated for continued cooling. If I would have wanted to continue running more, I would have stopped back by my house and simply put more ice cubes in the pockets from my freezer. For this run, I started out with 40 ice cubes total (32 in shirt and 8 in hat), and I couldn't even notice any weight at all. It was fantastic. The ice immediately started to melt and drip down zones to keep me cool.
For certain, they are better than not wearing a shirt at all! In the past, I almost always ran with no shirt at all due to how quickly I heat up. My wife usually would only run in a sports bra. Most testing of standard, thin white cotton t-shirts offer UPF 5 sun protection. We are happy to say all our shirts and hats were officially tested at 6 or higher (6-13, as noted in each product detail page). UPF 5 means only 1/5th of the sun's harmful UV rays get through to the skin; 6 means only 1/6th of the sun's harmful UV rays gets through the fabric; 13 means only 1/13th of the sun's harmful UV rays gets through, etc. Our shirts and hats have been officially tested in a federally-licensed laboratory per federal guidelines to determine the UPF factor via AATCC Method 183 per ASTM E903.
Simply print out the return form and fill it out. You can even re-use the bag that was used to send you the shirt to send it back to us. Make sure the shirt is unused, unworn, and unwashed, and still has all the tags on it. We will process your return within 2 weeks after we receive it. You can then simply reorder the shirt in the correct size.
Yes, we have authorized dealers. If you would like to sell our IceRunning products, we are open to help you succeed in doing so. Please contact us at CONTACT.
Yes, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you do not like your product for some reason, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, provided it is not worn, washed, or used and still has all the tags on it. Please see our return policy for details on returns.
Yes! We have several people that we sponsor as ambassadors for IceRunning. If you wish to join our community in any way, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at Contact@IceRunning.com.