How do I use it?

Simply put on the shirt (or hat), and put ice cubes in the pockets.  It's that easy.  It can be any one of our 7 shirts, as they are all engineered the same, but designed a little bit differently.  Every shirt has 9 pockets in strategically placed positions to cool capillary, arterial, and venous blood flow.  This happens with direct ice contact, and with melting “drip zones” which maximize cool-water flow and evaporative cooling effects.  We cover the whole upper body, on purpose. 

The ice cubes can be standard ice cubes found in the freezer in your home kitchen.  Everyone has these for free.  Seven of the pockets hold 4+ ice cubes each, and 2 pockets hold one ice cube each.  You have the power to choose how many you would like to use at any given time, considering your activity and the temperature you are training in.  Often times, we do events or races that have tables and stations with available ice cubes that we can use before, during and after.  Other times, we simply bring a small cooler with ice cubes in it so we can use those ice cubes at our training destination, ie. desert mountain trail, etc.

Four ice cubes in a pocket generally lasts between 20-30 minutes, and the cool-water drip zones stay wet and cool another 15-25 minutes.  This means it potentially has the cooling powers for up to 55 minutes of exercise/training.  As the water begins to evaporate, this also cools the skin, blood, and body.  If you wish to continue training, you always have the option to “re-ice” by placing new cubes in your pockets.

Our clothing has other protective qualities as well, ie. moisture wicking, light-reflective strips, extremely breathable, etc.  You can read about all of these in the product pages.