How it Works – The Science of Ice Running in Cool Ice Shirts

The Science of Ice Running

The Problem – Training in the Heat

Avoid Heat Related Illness with Cooling Shirts by Ice Running Apparel

Heat related illnesses cause more deaths in the United States every year than ALL OTHER WEATHER EVENTS COMBINED! According to the CDC, on average 648 people die every year from heat and in Phoenix, Arizona, alone there are 172 deaths per year on average. This is very real and very bad news for active people.

As a whole, athletes are very susceptible to heat-related illness as a result of multiple factors: excess heat and humidity, dehydration, elevated workout intensity, and electrolyte depletion.  

The science of Ice Running Apparel

The Event

IceRunning’s Inventor felt “funny” at mile 11 of the run during an Ironman 70.3 race. His body simply wouldn’t do what his mind said, and he sat down for 23 minutes.

He later limped across the finish line and immediately received medical treatment for heat exhaustion. He needed ice packs and IV fluids. And he wasn’t alone – other race participants were being treated for the same condition.

Understanding Thermo-Regulation

The body cools itself by cooling the blood. When hot, the brain (hypothalamus) tells sweat glands to emit water, and sends signals to blood vessels (capillaries) near the skin’s surface to dilate. Sweat on the skin’s surface evaporates, creating a slight temperature difference which cools the blood vessels. Heat dissipation is optimized through the body’s sweat response.

However, sweat is a compromise – any cooling benefit is at the cost of lost water and minerals required for sustained athletic performance.

The function of sweat in thermoregulation among athletes.

Research and Development

The science of Ice Running Apparel really started as we sought ways to help athletes improve athletic performance under extreme environmental conditions.

We needed something that effectively cools the body, is super comfortable to wear, and looks great on men and women. It took 2 1/2 years of research, development, and testing in hot and humid climates with professional and amateur athletes, exercise scientists, and medical physicians to create a solution.

The result was IceRunning Apparel's line of cooling athletic shirts for men and women.
The science of ice running apparel. Female model.


Patented & Proven Results

IceRunning Apparel’s entire clothing line features a unique, triple-acting cooling effect.
  1. Ice cubes in pockets cool capillaries and arteries from direct contact.
  2. MELT ZONES are created when the ice begins to melt.
  3. The proprietary fabrics wick the ice water away to be evaporated. The skin, blood and body are cooled for up to an hour and the body stays more hydrated.

We essentially invented “32°F Time-Released Sweat.” With IceRunning Apparel’s cooling effect on your body, your brain gets the message, “I don’t need to sweat yet…something is doing it for me.” Now you can safely train, exercise, and play in hot and humid environments all year long. As we keep cooler and more hydrated, we can go faster, longer and more often. Isn’t that the goal of every athlete and adventurer? 

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