I love the feel and fit of the Unisex WhiteOut shirt!

Nichelle W. M.D. Ob/Gyn

I absolutely love these shirts! I ran a record 10K in over 100 degree weather thanks to the ice!

Dana B. Phoenix, AZ

IceRunning shirts are super comfortable. It's amazing how cool they can keep me while I am training.

Ryan R. --Cyclist Phoenix, AZ

I love how refreshing it is to wear the SnowFlake. When the ice melts it actually drips down to my stomach which cools me down even more.

D. Sue Runner/Triathlete

IceRunning shirts are amazing! They are perfect for HOT weather workouts. The material is super comfortable, light, and stretchy. I cannot wait to wear my IceRunning shirt in my next race. Where have these been my whole life!??

Ovidiu C.


I love these running tops! When you're out there running those long miles, the gear you wear is vitally important for your comfort, energy savings, and therefore endurance. The SnowBunny was perfect for me. No fussing, nice and cool, and the bonus is it matches with anything!

Christy Cline 2-time IronMan

I wore an IceRunning shirt for the first time during a 10k in Phoenix. I PR'ed, and the entire 10k was much more enjoyable and comfortable.

James O.

The first time I used my shirt was hiking on a hot Arizona summer day. I filled my shirt with ice cubes from the fridge. I hiked an hour and was cool the entire time. Using this shirt allowed me to go out and enjoy the activities I enjoy doing, while staying cool at the same time.

Courtney Young

Hey guys! These is the best workout shirt I have ever had!

Rob Collins Phoenix, AZ