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What is IceRunning®?

IceRunning®, in a nutshell, is “time-released 32-degree sweat.” It is a clothing line of shirts that keep you cool. They are bio-engineered in conjunction with the human body's heat and thermo-regulating systems to keep you cool, using standard every-day kitchen freezer ice cubes in 9 strategically-placed pockets, which allows you to train when you otherwise couldn't...because of the heat. 

Why should I use it?

Well, it flat-out works, and has been extensively group and individually-tested.

This “32-degree time-released sweat” causes you to sweat less, because you don't need to. The ice cubes "sweat" for you. This, in turn, keeps you hydrated, keeping your electrolytes longer. The benefit is that you can train longer and faster than if you were exposed to the heat without IceRunning protection.

Some of us in the IceRunning® Community have experienced PR's (personal records) in running events, races and distances due to IceRunning clothing and its effectiveness. By keeping the body cooler, IceRunning allows the person to not fatigue as quickly. We simply are able to perform better, faster, and longer with it..

Other reasons to use IceRunning clothing?

Some of our shirts that keep you cool are technically designed to also be worn while riding and cycling, swimming, and triathlon participating.

  • They are extremely comfortable. Guaranteed.
  • They are handsome and cute.
  • They are affordable, stain resistant, and easy to wash. You can even wash it at your feet in the shower.

You deserve to be the “best you” that you can be in terms of health, fitness, outdoor activities, and competitive events.