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First, when ice is placed in the pockets it begins to cool the blood in nearby capillaries and arteries. Second, it’s THE MELT ZONES! As the ice melts, the whole shirt becomes wet with melted ice water so you do not need to sweat. Third, since the fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, the ice water begins to evaporate, thus cooling your body even longer.


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Hey IceRunning family! I was so excited to receive my WhiteOut Men’s/Full-Figured Women’s Shirts and PolarIce hat that I had to go for a run today! It was 75 degrees so I decided to put only 1 ice cube in each shirt pocket and hat pocket. The ice cubes themselves lasted 35:30 or until mile 4.37, and then the shirt kept me cool and wet until I finished 7 miles in 1:01:06 at 8:43 pace. The shirt is so soft and comfy! Thank you IceRunning for giving me my "outside life" back!

Amy Olson

Let me tell you about my "Ice Running" Shirt....Amazing! I was able to run on a warm & sunny mid-summer afternoon noon, while staying comfortable and cool! My core remained cool the whole 6 mile run! The end result was less fatigue and exhaustion, not to mention shaving a few minutes off of my time!

Ragnar Racer

Thanks IceRunning! Now I can do my runs before work in the morning when it's still dark! Oh, and I'm definitely wearing my shirt and hat for my Ragnar Relay runs!

Dan Cadriel, IronMan World Championships Finisher 2015, Kona Kailua, HI

Keeping your core temperature in check is essential to achieve athletic performance. In the heat, you will be done before you even start if you reach a point of fatigue and heat exhaustion, no matter how fit you are! IceRunning shirts and hats protect you from the sun's ultraviolet rays, but the real genius is in the ice pockets that bring coolness to the most important locations in the body! The shirts feel great and comfortable at all time but the added cooling of the melting ice cubes makes for the perfect training and race combo! I just love IceRunning apparel!


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March 4, 2019

Those are actual real training photos of me when I was training for Ironman Arizona last Summer. That particular Thursday, I rode Beeline Highway from about 8:00 to 11:00 am, then ran a 10k at noon. My wife took the photos of me, and that is a true screenshot of…

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