Women's SnowFlake

Product Code : 00000001

XS / S / M / L / XL
$ 29.99

Unisex/Men's Iceberg

Product Code : 00000002

S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL / XXXXL
$ 29.99

Women's SnowFall

Product Code : 00000003

XS / S / M / L / XL
$ 29.99
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What Is IceRunning?

Hi Friends!

To ensure the perfect performance (cooling function and comfort) it is imperative that you are matched up with the perfect size shirt for your body.  All our shirts should fit you “comfortably snuggly.”  This means, it should not be compression or tight (you need to almost not even feel the shirt), and it should not be baggy and too loose (or the ice will bounce and the wet melt zones will not touch skin).  The fabric should lie “comfortably snuggly” on your skin.  All our fabrics are extremely flexible and stretchy to ensure comfort at “comfortably snug.”  We want to “not feel the shirt” when we wear it…like a second skin.  Below are photos of models of different heights, weights, body composition, and cup sizes.  They are photographed to help you more closely match the perfect size for you and each product.  Even better, if you would please email us your height, weight, body build (i.e.. muscular etc) and cup size (for women) we would be extremely happy to match you up with the perfect fit.  Each shirt being a different fabric, does have a slightly different feel and final fit size.  We can help you get the perfect fit the first time.

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